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Hey everyone. [31 Aug 2007|08:59am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

What's up? I haven't been in here literally almost a year, I believe. Maybe more. It's been forever. I haven't been checking up on the community much, and I don't even have the PW I don't think! lol. It's really cool to see this place has flourished,. Over 110 members, that's insane. :D That makes me go *SQUEE*. Keep up guys, keep socializing and making this place all sorts of gosu. Thanks again for joining and making this place alive.


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Paintball Gear! [25 Nov 2006|01:02am]

[ mood | content ]

This place has tonnes of paintball gear!!

Gorilla Surplus – All Your Surplus Needs for Almost 40 Years!

Check out Gorilla Surplus for

- Paintball Guns (Spyder, Tippman etc.)
- New and Used Camo Gear
- Paintball Accessories
- Customized Shirts, Jackets, Caps
- Stab Proof Vests (only supplier in B.C.)
- Bullet Proof Vests (class 3A, class 2)
- Largest Selection of Air guns and Accessories
- Crossbows and Accessories
- German, Canadian, US, British and other military surplus
- Cold weather gear
- Boots (Work, Combat, Jungle, Desert, Parade, Gortex and more!)
- Tactical Gear
- Pepper and Bear Spray
- Self Defense Gear
- Military and Civilian Raingear
- Camping Gear, Tent, Sleeping Bags
- Urban Fashions
- Much, Much More!

Check us out at…
1458 E. Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia
9:30am-6:30pm Monday-Saturday OR
Order Online at www.gorillasurplus.com
We accept MasterCard, Money Order, Pay Pal or Visa

For inquiries:
Call 604-879-8891 or toll free 1-866-879-8891
E-mail info@gorillasurplus.com

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[08 Jun 2006|11:54am]

This is the outline for planned event in Sebring Fl. Let us know if you would want to participate.

Dates TBD 3 Day Event (17 Dec 2006-29 Dec) MOST LIKELY DATES 20-22 of Dec

Jr Rookie (3man UAPL) 10 -14 year olds

Entry Fee $500

1st prize $3000 2nd $1500 3rd $500

Rookie 7-man (NPPL)

Entry Fee $1500

1st $8000 2nd $3000 3rd $1500

Open (NO PROS or SEMI- PROS) (7-man NPPL)

Entry $3000

1st $35,000 2nd $10,000 3rd $5000

All Cash Prizes

PSP or NPPL ID required w/additional picture ID (16yo and older a government ID required.

OUTSIDE Refs will be used (no home field refs)

Field set ups will be posted two weeks prior to event.

Contact us diveandshoot@comcast.net
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Dark Horizon Striker [10 May 2006|01:07am]


I just got a dark horizon striker today. It's for my '05 Electra ACS.

The problem is, I'm not sure which springs I need to use. I have a maddman spring kit and I'm thinking I need to drop in the light main spring, but, I don't know if that is correct, or if there is another spring I need to switch out too.

Anyone use a dark horizon striker before, or do you have any advice?

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[27 Apr 2006|03:30pm]

Hi all. I'm new to this community. I've just acquired an old marker. It's an Angel, but not sure of its model name or specs. Here's a photo. If any of you could let me know its model name, i'd be dead grateful.

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[26 Apr 2006|12:59am]

[ mood | curious ]

Got me a new paintball gun, mask, you name it i got it except for a protective suit.

I am liking this sport again as i use to when i was 13. Now i am just wondering if there is a way i can get into a small league and work my way up.

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A new beginning [02 Jan 2006|09:04pm]

Played a bit of ball today in what seems like a rather long time. I started with my ninja agg Lasoya (These terms, are we done with them yet?), and although I could not let it rip, I think it needs to be lubed is all, it shot beautifully. It's for sale if anyone is interested. Then, I went to AF, Angel of Wrath, my FSPed Viking, many thanks to Jared of DC for such an awesome job, and it shot so nicely. Tadao has got to be the best board out there. Then I ended with my 05 framed white Ironman Intimidator. That is what dreams are made of. There is a reason that is my baby. A beautiful beginning of the year for paintball for me. Now if I can just play more ball in 2006..........
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[01 Jan 2006|04:58pm]

Sup guys, just got myself a Tippmann Custom 98. I'm a total newbie to paint, I admit it.

I have a question with my gun, how do I fix it when it starts rapid firing, like a pppptptptppt sound.

And also, how often should I refill my co2 tank. (20 ounces)

And yet one more, are there different or certain sized balls I need to buy for the gun?
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Some Bodies [22 Dec 2005|01:39pm]

Hey, been i while since i posted here. Recently had a few idea for a gun setup and was wondering if you guys knew where i could get just the bodies of some markers like 05 intimidators/egos' etc, since it would be a waste to buy a whole new gun just to not use the internals that come with it and have to sell them for half price.I tried ebay and a few other sites but only found 06 AC inimidator bodies for around $105, while that price is good for me, im not quite looking for AC parts ;) Thanks.
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The CMC Paintball Team's Second Event [22 Nov 2005|02:01pm]


The game will be held on Saturday December 3rd 2005.

Orientation is at 12:00 noon and the game will begin at 1:00 p.m.

This is a BYOP event, but the team will have paint for sale. Air fills 2$ per tank, any size.

The admission is $5 if not CMC member, and there will be concessions on site.

More info can be found at cmcpaintball or at our website.

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[27 Oct 2005|01:37pm]


I am currently selling TWO Gen2 Diablo Wrath's. Both in EXCELLENT condition. The red one hardly even has 3 cases through it. The Silver one has had a few more cases put through it but has several upgrades on it and works flawlessly. Asking price for both wraths is $500 obo, with all the mods that come with the guns this is a damn good price.

Silver Diablo Wrath - Gen2 ACP bolt+pin, Lightning 15* ASA, FBM wave trigger + Thorn DF, T-board.
Red Diablo Wrath - Gen2 ACP bolt+pin, System X drop and other small mods

Picture of the wraths - all mods not shown in picCollapse )

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[27 Oct 2005|01:13pm]


Today is the start of Divison 3 at Worl Cup in Orlando, Florida. Cup is being held at the Wide World of Sports at Disney.

If anyone is planning on attending this event please keep your eyes open for illuminati Paintball t-shirts. They will be given away Today, Tomorrow, and Sunday.

After Cup is over shirts will be available on Ebay and in local paintball stores in the Clearwater/Largo area.

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Help! [25 Oct 2005|07:49pm]


Me and my Spyder Electra ACS are not getting along. At all.

I'm set up completely stock, I just added a Halo B and a Co2 tank.

I've already been through one problem with the gun acting as if it were out of air, when it wasn't (burping and un-cocking and such), and I think I've got that fixed.

Right now I'm having problems with balls busting/chopping, they're chopping much more than on my rodeo. I'm thinking I can probably fix this with a few upgrades, but I don't know what to get. So far the only thing on my list is a Kila Magnetic Ball Detant, any other suggestions or ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Anyone In Ga? [21 Oct 2005|03:10pm]


If there is anyone in the GA area interested, my team will be hosting two scenario events at our home field on the weekends of October 29th (next weekend) and December 3rd. We are located in the Gainesville, Ga area.

Reply to this entry if you want more info.

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[10 Oct 2005|10:34pm]

Hi, i'm not very familiar with paintballing, but my boyfriend is trying to sell his paintball gun, & we were wondering if there were anyone who'd be interested.

More Paintball gun Info here...Collapse )
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Paintball Question [02 Oct 2005|07:01pm]

Hi everyone,

I have a question: in a scenerio where you are just shooting your friends and no one ever gets out when hit, do you ever care exactly where you been hit?

I'm with a team that is making a game that the project manager believes is mimicing paintball. Basically, it's laser tag that shows you where you been hit. Her idea involves a suit that has 100 sections that light up depending on where you been hit. In her words: "Laser war is very much like paintball in that an EM beam will leave a mark on the other player’s suit and the player who suffers the blow will feel something" (Something being vibrations from vibrator located in the vercinity of the section)

When I played, I never remeber caring about knowing with such precision. My friend and my idea consist of only 4 sections.

When playing, do any of you care exactly where you been hit? Or generally where you been hit? Or that you been hit and nothing else?
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Wayne's World Video [17 Sep 2005|12:34pm]


My team will be attending the Waynes World Grand Finale this year...and I was looking through their site and saw this video. If you have not seen it, check it out. I was like wow, if this year's Grand Finale is anything like last years, it's going to be amazing (not to mention I will get hit about a million times...). There's also a lot more Wayne's World video's here.

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City assignments in NPPL [25 Aug 2005|10:58am]

So hypothetically, what happens to the city assignments of the bottom three teams when the get dropped this year to Semi-pro? Let's say DC Arsenal don't make the cut at the end of this year. Nor do they do it at the end of 06. But Entourage make it at the end of 06. Are they allowed to take DC as their city affiliation? And what if Entourage still remain in the Pro category in 07, and Arsenal return. Who gets DC? I figure that NPPL will not let a team take on a city affiliation for a set amount of time if another team had it and failed to make the cut. But how long is the time frame, and what happens if another team does get the city affiliation and then the original team returns? This inquiring mind would like to know.
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n00b al3rt [21 Aug 2005|10:48pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

just started a new journal with not much in it apart from me talking shite, saw this community and thought i'd join until i get kicked out

my name's ant, from the UK, play for the leicester wildcats ( www.leicester-wildcats.co.uk ),
er, yeah, say hi and stuff

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[17 Aug 2005|12:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hey guys im new here

im selling an 05 freestyle on ebay and i was wondering if anyone would be interested

it is starting at the price of 1.00

it includes
a nox board (already programed)
redz pepper sticks
and a tank

thanks so much for looking ^_^


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